A thousand lifetimes

I used to think it would be so amazing to get to do life over and over again. Sometimes I still kind of think that, sometimes I wonder if maybe we do and I just don’t know and sometimes I realize how hard it can be and I think once is probably sufficient.

Lately though, I’ve begun to realize something else. I don’t have to wait for another life time, I can make any of those changes right now. I woke up one day and realized I wasn’t the nicest person I know. I thought to myself, I want to be nicer and every day after that I made an effort to let people know how much I care about them and to hold the door for strangers. Some of the changes I made were small and some were much larger, but all in all when I look back on it now I am so much nicer now than I was then. Maybe some of that had to do with the teenage years ending and coming into adulthood, but I’d like to think most of it was because I made that choice.

I’m pretty convinced that in fact we’re all living about a dozen different “life’s” all wrapped in the pretty package that is our ideal 80+ years on Earth.

Four years ago seems like a life time ago. I have evolved, I’ve become better (I hope!!) and I’ve undoubtably become more authentically myself. One day I might get married and have a baby, and a whole new life journey will begin. The life I’m living now will seem far away and so different. How lucky am that I get to experience so many journeys, or mini life’s as I’ve now named them, and then move to something new? How lucky am I that I can decide today that I want something to be different about myself and then I can change it?

Realizing that right here and right now I have so many opportunities for growth and for adventure has put everything into a new perspective and has challenged me to be the best version of myself that way when this life is over, I know I made it count.

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