It’s the year of realizing stuff

Thank you Kylie Jenner for pointing out that 2016 was the year of like realizing things. Better late than never so in honor of Kylie (and my 22nd birthday), here are 22 things I realized this year.

1. You should always be a little kinder than you need to be

It goes further than you’d expect, and it makes you feel good. Trust me.

2. Taking time for yourself is not just okay, it’s important

Bubble baths, dance parties and long walks are all recommended.

3. My friends are the

Surrounding yourself with people that lift you up is the key to success.

4. No one says anymore

I’m living in the early 2000’s…oops.

5. Change is inevitable

People change. Places change. Expectations change. Get on board or get left behind.

6. Nostalgia is real

I find myself reflecting more and more as the years go by.

7. Adulting is hard

Why does no one tell you how taxes work? When should I get a credit card? Who decides rent prices??

8. Working hard in silence makes your successes that much louder

Everyone deserves credit for their hard work but no one wants to listen to your to-do list, they’d rather celebrate once it’s done.

9. You don’t have to be the person you were yesterday

You can be whoever you want to be, whenever you want to be.

10. Jealousy and envy exist and are often disguised as anger

Emotions are complicated and hard to understand. Cut people some slack and understand that often, problems they have with themselves get pushed onto you.

11. Wearing flats on a night out optimizes your chance of success

Self explanatory.

12. It’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else thinks you should do and to loose sight of what you want to do

Chasing your dream isn’t easy when everyone has an opinion on which life path is the “right” one, but stay true to who you are.

13. Waking up before 9 am automatically makes the day seem productive

Even if you just watch Netflix all day, you feel better about it.

14. You should always carry a little cash

Not having money for snacks, cover at the bar or just some random expense really sucks.

15. Road-trips are not overrated… if you do them right

Great friends, snacks and playlists are recommended.

16. It’s okay to be vulnerable

It’s scary but worth the risk.

17. It’s okay to be yourself

Also scary sometimes but totally worth it to know people like you for you.

18. It’s okay to not know exactly who that is just yet

Change brings growth and figuring out exactly who you are.

19. Everyone loves compliments and giving them feels even better than receiving them

Seeing someone smile and knowing you’re the reason why is amazing.

20. Dogs are undeniably the better species but cats are surprisingly tolerable

Sorry cat people, I just can’t get on board… they’re growing on me though.

21. Time heals all wounds

Some take longer than others but one day you wake up and even the biggest heartbreaks start to feel a little more okay

22. Dancing to the song “22” on your 22nd birthday is a necessary life event

I waited for this moment for years. Even if you’re not a Taylor Swift fan, this will make you smile. Promise.

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